Medieval market around the Church (Pauluskirche)

This year will see the revival of the medieval market held between Grabenstraße and Pariserstraße. On entering the market, visitors will be momentarily immersed into the world of the Middle Ages.

Craftsmen and women, musicians, jugglers and traders selling goods from afar, all dressed like people from the Late Middle Ages, will create a magical atmosphere in the church square. Torches, oil lamps, candles and tea lights will bathe the stands and visitors alike in a wondrous, tranquil light while the air will be filled with the fine fragrances of oriental spices, freshly baked bread and roasted chestnuts. Dishes prepared to time-old recipes, served up by the Garbräterey (rotisserie) and hot, spiced wines of the kind so welcome at Christmas time are guaranteed to set the taste buds tingling.

Travelling artist and vagabond at the medieval market / photo: Bochum Marketing_Ingo Otto
Juggler and vagabond at the medieval market / photo: Bochum Marketing_Ingo Otto

Colourful shows put on by clowns and jugglers will accentuate the party atmosphere that pervades the market – the sound of drums and bagpipes will be all around, mingling with sweet melodies. Soap makers, seamstresses and their fine materials, basket weavers, feltmakers, glass blowers and many more will show off their ancient artisan skills, enabling visitors to pick up unique gifts for their loved ones. The goods on offer are as original as they are practical and include hardy children’s toys. One particular attraction is the manually operated big wheel. In addition, archery and other fairground-style attractions for children will turn a stroll around the Christmas market into a truly special experience.